Ophthalmology Update 2022 - Syllabus

Ophthalmology Update 2022 Syllabus
December 9 - 10, 2022
San Francisco, CA
Course# MOP23002

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** All time indicated below are Pacific Time **

Friday, December 9, 2022
  7:45am Registration and Continental Breakfast    
  8:20 am  Welcome  Dr. Jacque Duncan   
  8:30 Drusen: An Unfolding Story Dr. Shiri Soudry Slides
  8:45 Posterior Segment Imaging and Uveitis:A Case-based Discussion Dr. Jessica Shantha  
  9:00 What’s New in Pediatric Retina? Dr. Melissa Neuwelt  
  9:15 What’s New in Geographic Atrophy? Dr. Robert Bhisitkul  
  9:30 Novel Treatments for AMD Dr. Eugene de Juan  
GLAUCOMA • Moderator: Dr. Yvonne Ou
  9:50 Objective Methods to Diagnose Primary Angle Closure Disease Dr. Ying Han  Slides
10:00 Glaucoma and Myopia: Diagnostic Challenges Dr. Sunita Radhakrishnan Slides
10:10 Outcomes in Glaucoma from Big Data Dr. Cathy Sun   
10;20 The Agony and the -otomy Dr. Sriranjani Padmanabhan   
10:30 Pulling it all Together: Glaucoma Management in the Coming Decade Dr. Robert Stamper Slides
10:40 Advances in Tonometry Dr. O'Rese Knight  
10:50 Panel Discussion Conference Faculty  
11:00 Break    
Drs. Daniel Schwartz, Tomasz Stryjewski, David Myung, Eugene de Juan, and O'Rese J. Knight
11:20 Physician Driven Innovation Dr. Daniel Schwartz Slides
11:30 The Innovation Journey: Bar Napkin to Bedside Dr. Tomasz Stryjewski  
11:40 Regenerative Therapies for the Cornea Dr. David Myung  
11:50 Panel Discussion Conference Faculty  
12:10 PM Lunch on Own    
PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGY • Moderator: Dr. Alejandra de Alba Campomanes
 1:20 Astigmatism and KCN Management in Children Dr. Maanasa Indaram  
 1:35 Drug Toxicity Surveillance in Children Dr. Julius Oatts Slides
 1:50 Perioperative Management of Pediatric Cataracts Dr. Alejandra de Alba Campomanes  
 2:05 Myopia Risks and Myopia Control Interventions Dr. Douglas Frederick  
NEURO-OPHTHALMOLOGY • Moderator:  Nailyn Rasool
 2:20 Cortical Visual Symptoms Dr. Nailyn Rasool  
 2:30 Ocular Oscillations, Part 1: Nystagmus Dr. Jonathan Trobe Slides
 2:50 Decussating Axons Segregate in the Anterior Core of the Optic Chiasm Dr. Jonathan Horton  
 3:00 Ocular Oscillations, Part 2: Saccadic Intrusions Dr. Jonathan Trobe  
OCULOPLASTICS • Moderator: Dr, Reza Vagefi
 3:20 Introduction of Dr. Harold Lee Dr. Reza Vagefi  
 3:22 Oculoplastics and Trauma - Clear the Way not the Globe Dr. Harold Lee Slides
 3:47  Management of Canalicular Lacerations Dr. Reza Vagefi  
 3:54 Pearls Learned from the International Symposium on Wartime Ophthalmic Trauma Dr. Stuart Seiff Slides
 4:01 Update on Orbital Cellulitis Dr. Bryan Winn  Slides
 4:08 Urgent Orbital Neoplasms Dr. Loreley Smith  
 4:15 pm Adjourn    
 5:00-8:00pm Cordes Program and Reception (UCSF Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision, 490 Illinois St., San Francisco, CA 94158.     
Saturday, December 10, 2022
 7:30 am Continental Breakfast    
 7:55  Welcome and Introduction of the Proctor Lecturer Dr. Jacque Duncan  
 8:00 – 8:30 Proctor Lecture: Retinal Implants Dr. Mark Humayun Slides
CATARACT & REFRACTIVE IOL • Moderator: Dr. David Chang 
Session 1: Navigating Refractive IOLs in 2022
Format: This rapid fire program will feature six lectures of (7) minutes.
 8:35  Hitting Plano – Intraoperative Wavefront Aberrometry Dr. Madeline Yung Slides
 8:44 Presbyopia Correcting IOLs – Patient Selection Dr. Neeti Parikh  
 8:51 Pearls for Refractive IOL Counseling Dr. David Chang  
 8:59 IOL Selection in Unusual Eyes Dr. Neel Pasricha   
 9:07 Light Adjustable IOL Dr. Vance Thompson  Slides
 9:14 Multifocal IOL Exchange Pearls Dr. Sam Masket Slides
Session 2: Cataract Complication Video Symposium
“What could I have done differently?”
Format: Four faculty members will each present a complicated case followed by panel discussion of the management. Each case is 12 minutes including discussion.
Panel: Drs. Sam Masket, Vance Thompson, Saras Ramanathan, and David Hwang
 9:22 Case 1 & Discussion Dr. Saras Ramanathan  
 9:34 Case 2 & Discussion Dr. Sam Masket Slides
 9:46 Case 3 & Discussion Dr. Julie Schallhorn  
 9:58 Case 4 & Discussion Dr. David Chang  
10:10 Introduction of the Chang Lecture Dr. David Chang  
10:15 Pseudophakic Dysphotopsia Dr. Sam Masket Slides
10:40 AM Break    
CORNEA • Moderators: Drs. Tyson Kim and Gerami Seitzman
11:00 What I’m Doing Different in Surgical Cornea in 2022 Dr. David Hwang Slides
11:10 Pediatric Cornea Surgery: Less is More Dr. Neel Pasricha  
11:20 Maximizing Success in High-Risk DSAEK Dr. Tyson Kim  
11:30 Never Sick of Sicca: 2022 Dry Eye Update Dr. Gerami Seitzman Slides
11:40 Making Sense of Neurotropic Keratopathy: Diagnosis and Management Dr. Bethlehem Mekonnen Slides
11:50 Refractive Surgery: 2022 and Beyond Dr. Julie Schallhorn  
12:00 The Patient-Centered Approach to Refractive Care  Dr. Vance Thompson Slides
12:20 PM Closing Remarks and Adjourn